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My Dr Mum personality

Brought to you by Nuffnang and The Little Range I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic but nothing brings on the Greek tragedy like having a sick baby. I don’t cope well. My initial reaction to the first sign of illness is self-doubt. I spend hours debating if I need to be concerned at all. Then I wonder if I should be heading to the GP or if maybe I’m overreacting. … [Read More...]

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Dangly earrings, silk dress, not even wearing a bra and drinking. Clearly pre-kids.

The hidden cost of babies

This is a sponsored post The g-strings have been replaced by sensible boy legs.  The spindly stilettos have made way for flats and sneakers. The dry-clean … [Read More...]


Mum’s tired signs

From the minute that tiny babe is out of you, you'll start hearing about "tired signs" "Do you know your tired signs?" "Have you been watching her tired … [Read More...]

It's this fun game where we all lie down and close our eyes. It's called sleep.

How to survive on no sleep

You think you’re doing ok for the first few weeks. You can still form sentences and you haven’t started throwing things. Then one day, when you’ve burst into tears … [Read More...]

toddler talk for dummies

Toddler talk for dummies

I used to be an adult. An adult who had adult conversations about adult things using adult language. Now I talk about poo. And penises. ALL DAY. Phrases like, … [Read More...]

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24 hours with a newborn

Let’s start at 5am. Not because it’s the start of the day. There is no start to your day. There is no end. It’s just one long, never-ending, mind-melting continuum … [Read More...]

Letters to the Editor


Dinnertime hellraiser

This is the third in a series written by little Thud, on how to be a better toddler.  Today he’d like to share his tips on how to make meal times as … [Read More...]


Win the bedtime battle

Top tips and tricks to delay and destroy bedtime,  By Thud Comrades, in our efforts to demoralise and dominate, I'd like to bring you my best tips for … [Read More...]

I mean, she's even sitting in bed. Seriously? Have some pride.

Leaving the house

How to make leaving the house as painful as possible, by Thud This one goes out to all my home boys and girls dealing with less than ideal parents. I feel … [Read More...]


Worst nurse ever

Sarge has been away for work quite a bit lately and I’ve been sick, which sucks because THUD. Luckily he’s two now which means he’s pretty helpful when I … [Read More...]

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Mother’s Day printable

Happy Mother's Day! Just click on the images to download. Be extra special and get them printed at somewhere like Officeworks. It should only cost you about a … [Read More...]

the thud Pinterest challenge

The Pinterest Challenge

Mothers are experiencing perfection pressure more than ever before. Not only do we need to raise flawless children, we need to manage a successful career, … [Read More...]