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toddler talk for dummies

Toddler talk for dummies

I used to be an adult. An adult who had adult conversations about adult things using adult language. Now I talk about poo. And penises. ALL DAY. Phrases like, "don't put your penis in that" come out of my mouth on the regular, I don't even blink anymore. It feels normal. And phrases like, "my poo has gone to sleep" come out of my toddler’s mouth. Because he's a massive … [Read More...]

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24 hours with a newborn

Let’s start at 5am. Not because it’s the start of the day. There is no start to your day. There is no end. It’s just one long, never-ending, mind-melting continuum … [Read More...]

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Poor little bauble just wants to live out its life purpose of hanging on the tree. Thud has other ideas...

Christmas with toddlers

The first thing Thud did when he saw the tree was pick up his toy baseball bat, look at me with delight in his eyes and ask, "hit tree?" And welcome to Christmas … [Read More...]

Letters to the Editor


Dinnertime hellraiser

This is the third in a series written by little Thud, on how to be a better toddler.  Today he’d like to share his tips on how to make meal times as … [Read More...]


Win the bedtime battle

Top tips and tricks to delay and destroy bedtime,  By Thud Comrades, in our efforts to demoralise and dominate, I'd like to bring you my best tips for … [Read More...]

I mean, she's even sitting in bed. Seriously? Have some pride.

Leaving the house

How to make leaving the house as painful as possible, by Thud This one goes out to all my home boys and girls dealing with less than ideal parents. I feel … [Read More...]


Worst nurse ever

Sarge has been away for work quite a bit lately and I’ve been sick, which sucks because THUD. Luckily he’s two now which means he’s pretty helpful when I … [Read More...]

The Arts


10 quick Easter table ideas

I have 12 adults and 4 kids coming to my house on Sunday for Easter lunch. I really should be thinking about what to feed them, but my thing is decorating. I like … [Read More...]

DIY kids teepee instructions - sew and no sew variations. Super easy and cheap to make!

DIY Kids Teepee

If you've spent more than five minutes on Instagram or Pinterest in the past 12 months you'll know that your child needs a teepee. It's not really an option. A … [Read More...]

DIY advent calendar hanging branch

DIY Advent Calendar

Ah Christmas. That wonderful, magical time of year when arseholes act like they're the only ones who need to shop and punks think it's a really good time of year to … [Read More...]